Trish's Red Bird Cafe

Dayton, Indiana

(photos and selections from "A Short History of Dayton, Indiana" by Susan Yost Clawson)

The first settlers came to Dayton from the Connorsville-Noblesville-Strawtown area of Indiana in 1825. William Bush divided part of his land into lots about 1827.  Bush and Dr. Timothy Horram filed adjoining town plats on the same day in 1829. Then a few years later David Gregory filed a third plat, and the combined town took the name of Dayton after the principal town in the area of southern Ohio from which many of the settlers came. Gregory donated a lot for a town school.

The town probably began as a market place for the people on the surrounding farms. Storekeepers were among the earliest settlers. Very quickly, however, the town acquired a number of small industries. A sawmill and then a gristmill were built. Coopers, broommakers, and chairmakers settled here.  Wagon makers set up shop.  One of the first undertakers in the state began an undertaking business in Dayton about 1850.


The Red Bird - 1850

There were two hotels and a livery stable in town, and several restaurants at various times. Folks from Lafayette used to travel to Dayton to spend a day in the country. In the winter they could come in a sleigh known as the Red Bird.


Our Building - A Dayton Landmark

The building started out as the Dayton Garage in the early 1900's.  It was the first gasoline service station in town.

Extensive remodeling took place in 2017 in preparation for operation as the Red Bird Cafe.